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Fully Loaded is a small retail shop located in Waddy, KY. We specialize in customer service and getting you the products you want at what we hope is a great price. One thing that we will guarentee you is this. The more sales that you help us to make, the cheaper the prices will be. Fully Loaded wants to be your first and only stop for anything in this industry.

If you are wanting a great story you should see how this whole thing started up over 10 years ago. As one of the "new" guys around the fire department round table, all being avid shooters and gun guys, we were talking about that topic. One guy made the statement that they no loger allowed small home based dealers any longer. Of course that led into a small bet between us with the only thing on the table being that if I was approved, that he would pay for the application fee and purchase enough to keep up the license. Let's just say, I've now been in the business now for 10+ years and I still havent seen the application fee. HA!!! We would love to chat with you so feel free to drop us a line, but for now We Got Ya Covered!