Are Gun Raffles Bad?

As many of you are aware, Fully Loaded supports many local non profit organizations throughout the year by sponsoring items used in raffles. Most of these organizations are local girls fastpitch softball teams ranging from 8 years olds to 16 year olds. Up until this year we had never faced any issues with these types of raffles. However in February of 2018 after the tragety of Parkland, FL, a lady in Lexington found our fund raiser to be in bad taste.

One afternoon in February, I received a call from this lady asking about our fundraiser. Assuming that she was interested we began the conversation which took a 90 degree turn not more than ten sconds into it. She could not believe that we use firearms as part of a fund raiser for kids. She went on to blame guns for the reason that these shooting occur. Clearly blindsided by this call, I simply listened to her side and when finished I proceeded to dive more in to why we utilize this type of raffle and how only people who can pass a background check can own it. I also spoke of the amount of revenue needed to fund a program of this nature and how this one fundraiser took care of the biggest part of it. Next thing I knew the phone was dead. She did not want to listen to the conversation and hung up.

After that let's just say it went viral. Local news stations were on the story calling and wanting to conduct interviews and report on this story. Once the local news media started then it really got busy. CNN even reported on the story in what was deemed the most unbiased gun article ever published by the agency according to the NRA.

Over the next month, Fully Loaded received numerous phone calls and emails in regard to this give a way. Most of which were in great support and wanted to know where they could get tickets from as far away as Idaho. Here is the link to their story so check it out.

While there are a few people here and there that are against this sort of means to raise money, we do keep it legal and amongst adults. The kids just benefit from the ticket sales. In doing several of these yearly, stay tuned as we will post and send out emails when the next one starts so we can raise even more for these kids who deserve it.