Chrysler of Lawrenceburg

Thinkning about buying a new vehicle? If so, then take a look and shop at Chrysler of Lawrenceburg. They are located on highway 127 and you can't miss them if passing through.They have a nice selection of new Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles to choose from along with several used. They claim to be a higher volume lot that keeps their prices lower.

Buying Process

Like any car lot, be prepared to greeted as soon as you pull up, but hey that is the game. Make sure before you have done your research before engaging with a salesman on what you are looking for, different prices with different options, and do not forget to value your trade. While we all want to get every dollar out of our vehicle, just know that the lot has to make money of it so they can not offer the same as a private sale would be.

Go for a TEST drive. Check out the vehicle options and play. Remember you do not own it at this point. If you decide you like it or a different one on the lot thats great. If not, the lot can and will find one to suit you and have it brought in. Just make sure that if you are buying new to get everything you want within your budget. If its a used vehicle, you are kinda stuck with what it is.

Bargaining Time

Now come the fun part for me. Working out a price for the purchase, the trade, and whatever goodies you can get. They have their starting point, so make sure you have one too, just well below theirs as neither figure will be the last one. Know that if the salesman is not bringing in the manager, you are not doing something right. Make thm kill a small tree to figure your deal, if not again you haven't worked hard enough. Take your time and do not be in a rush. When you have come to a middle ground on price always ask for something just a bit extra. If it is your local dealer, then ask for free car washes or something else small in the big picure, but a huge deal for you. Just remember that they want your business and do have to make money too, but can not always get to the term you want or need.

Go sign on the line and enjoy your new ride. A good car lot will take care of you after the sale too.

So stop by and see Brian Fletcher and tell him I sent you.

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