I wanted to create this blog for many reasons with the main one being to answer questions and get to know the people who follow us. In order to do that though I think it would be best to get to know our background and how we got our start.

My name is Kenny Barnett and at the current moment am 36 yeas old with a wife and four kids. I was born and raised in central Kentucky. I am an avid outdoorsman and shooter who is always looking for something new to explore. My current career is being a firefighter/paramedic for the local fire department and then run a side business called Fully Loaded. I enjoy learing new things and also teching people which is why I am also an instructor for concealed carry.

Let's take a look back a few years when I first started into this side business. Several of us guys were sitting around the firehouse shooting the breeze about our weekend of shooting and comparing guns when the conversation turned to why not someone in the group starting a business. Due to being the new guy in the department everyone turned and looked towards me. One of the guys stated that it wasn't even possible to get a FFL and run a home based business and that if I could make it fly that he would pay for my application fee. Others around the table came out and made it clear that if it was going to happen that they would be sure to purchase enough yearly to make it pay for itself. So, the journey began. As you can see clearly I was able to get my start that way however I still to this day have not received that application fee back from the guy who so eagerly wanted me to do this.

Now after being in business since June of 2006, we have moved into many new avenues. What was once a small home based business has grown to a nice website with 400,000 products to choose from, an Ebay store with many followers, and also an Amazon store. We want to continue to grow and serve you our customer. Please help us out. 

I want to say in closing that I'm new to this blog thing and have a few ideas for topics, but welcome your comments and ideas as we make this thing grow. Thank you and enjoy.